Project Description


Adam Gelsomino is a VP of Origination with Cook M&A Advisory Services. He is responsible for cultivating relationships with private equity, family office, and corporate clients to facilitate organic growth through capitalizing on unused capacities.

Prior to joining Cook M&A, Adam’s diverse background involves Hospitality, Logistics, SaaS, Entrepreneurship, and Finance. After graduating with a bachelor’s in finance he began his professional career in Logistics. Soon after, he merged his own logistics brokerage firm with a competitor, where he currently sits on the Board of Directors. Transitioning from the logistics industry to concentrate on finance, he took a position at a data and analytics firm based out of Skokie, IL. Adam has spent the last few years learning the intricate details of commercial lending and credit processes for banking, equipment finance, and alternative lending.

Adam’s primary interests are real estate, fitness, and spending time with his family.