Primary-source market intelligence.

Investors/acquirers often struggle to understand the story/narrative of the niches where they invest. Most investors/acquirers want deep insights into the customer, competitor, and market dynamics at work in the spaces where they invest, but they don’t know where to find them. The traditional approaches (e.g., high-volume surveys, off-the-shelf studies, etc.) are usually too general to provide actionable insights into targeted niches.

Cook M&A has partnered with a boutique firm of senior people who gather original insights directly from key industry players: customers, competitors, suppliers, and others. Insightful intelligence optimizes clients’ decision-making by replacing guesswork with a concrete understanding of the marketplace. Their team consists of senior people who average nearly 20 years of experience in primary research. They serve corporate clients and private equity firms.

Primary applications for this work are acquisition due diligence, strategic positioning, tactical decision making, customer satisfaction, and business development. They seek to differentiate their work on the basis of:

  • Insightfulness: The art of gathering meaningful intelligence directly from industry participants;
  • Experience: >1,000 completed engagements across the entire firm;
  • Clarity: Synthesizing the intelligence to drive actionable conclusions.
  • Smoothness: Diplomatically navigating engagements that involve key market participants.
  • Ideal Clients: Private equity firms and corporate clients who focus on fundamentals. They value substance, nuance, and detail in making informed decisions.”


Confidential Introduction available upon request